Building bridges to connect the dots

We provide comprehensive consultancy as well as technical innovative solutions for food companies.


While we operate on multiple fronts our primary expertise is on bio-packaging, product development, prototype creation and go-to-market strategies.

Our Approach

Product Development

From the first prototype to the market launch there are several steps you have to go through.

Our specialist team will provide you with a complete overview of the market and and the proper testing to make your product market-ready.

Bio-packaging Technology

We are a technology-first company. This helps us stay ahead of the curve.

Our expertise in bio-packaging allows us to offer you the state-of-the-art innovative solutions for food packaging ensuring your products are packed according to the market’s trend and future EU regulations.

Prototype Development

At WeareBio we offer a comprehensive platform for developing food prototypes with state-of-the-art technology that paired with our expertise we can bring any innovative ideas to life.

Digital Marketing

With the aid of our market research data and our comprehensive network, we will ensure that your product gets the exposure it needs.

By setting key metrics, analyzing keywords and ROI with the right strategy for a perfect benchmark to assess growth.


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